It is a new treatment of the tinnitus developed and validated by a team of experienced audiologists and ENT.

Multidisciplinary approach in which converge researches and studies in the following fields: Conditioning Acoustic Neuromodulation, sound therapy, sounds tailored on the patients needs, Fractal Music.

Simple and intuitive treatment, short daily exercises (15 mins), can be used everywhere.

Cutting edge therapeutic tool based on an open platform  in continuous development.  New sounds and different treatment strategies can be easily integrated.

Valuable therapeutic tool that can be used by anyone: latest technology, personalized software, ready technical support, on-line specialists.

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  • If you are experiencing problems with the device call the technical support at +39 (0) 31 38 68 241
  • For questions about the therapy and personalized counseling ask the specialist.
  • If you have lost the instructions or if you need more information about the device, Download the manual